We are a boutique e-commerce retail store based in Cape Town with a love for consumer and pro audio. We ship all our products either directly from our distributor's or our office in Kuils River. Our main focus is to supply our clients with easy to use, high quality audio products and deliver great customer service in the process.
We strive to offer clients an online shopping experience that guarantees safety and an unmatched customer experience. Offering peace of mind is at the forefront of our company mission, so rest assured every order made through our website will be handled reliably and with the utmost care.

Founder & Director

Founder’s Note:

Hey ladies & gents 😁 My name is Dexter Bartis. I am an audio mastering engineer, entrepreneur and the proud owner of Aurem Audio. I started the business in March of 2020. I appreciate all the support Aurem Audio has received over the last year and I hope to grow the business into a household name within the near future ❤️

If you have a heart for entrepreneurship or audio and would like to get involved with Aurem Audio in any capacity then please feel free to reach out to me via Facebook or What’s App. If you’re a potential client and are hesitant to shop online or are confused with how the process works, please contact me as well and I will gladly assist as best I can. 

Thank you for your trust in Aurem Audio 🙏

Distribution Partner